Quality Assurance. Through our quality assurance program, it is our goal to eliminate human error through a series of checks and balances.
Our Quality Assurance Managers visit each location regularly and monitor the work product of our associates. Regular meetings with tenants and property managers establish important relationships, which maintains the lines of communication and helps us to serve them effectively.

A quality assurance form is uploaded into Servi-Trak™, which produces a work ticket for every item that did not pass inspection. We can then track our successes and address additional needs. Our clients can view the status of a request at any time, as well as access a history of their requests. This process affords our team the ability to alleviate concerns before the customer does.

In addition, our Servi-Trak™ program gives customers access to their individual quality assurance reports in real time, day or night; they also receive an e-report on a monthly basis. Our Servi-Trak program and proprietary reports are unprecedented in the service industry and give our customers the tools they need to be effective.