Landscaping. Customers who combine our landscaping,
maintenance and janitorial services celebrate the benefits of one source of data entry and output for their entire property. Landscape and day porter techs are trained to be an extension of you, the property manager. And the great news is we save you money at the same time. Our water conservation program means savings up to 30%. With Servi-Tek you can keep your finger on the pulse of your properties without ever leaving your desk!

Our landscaping services include:

  1. Landscape Maintenance and Enhancements
  2. "Green Solutions" program (water conservation technology and fertigation)
  3. Proprietary Servi-Trak™ web-based operational system includes calendared events and work orders
  4. Real-Time Quality Assurance inspections with "curb in" focus
  5. Digital Landscape Imaging Concepts

Servi-Tek employs environmentally sound practices through water conservation practices. Water usage is reduced by providing a thorough irrigation analysis and retrofit at each of the properties we manage. We install recycled water delivery systems which decreases water usage up to 30%. We use drought-tolerant plant material and recycled mulch material. Our fertigation systems conserve water and reduce fertilizer waste and runoff.